84 Audio

Recording, Mixing, and Rehearsal services to suit all kinds of music

Our Story

Sam and Dave set out to make 84 Audio the kind of studio they wish they had been able to use ever since they first started playing in bands.

We needed a home base that would help us realise our best potential whether rehearsing for tours or recording music, and we want to share that base with you to help you do the same.

Being able to work creatively, with great gear, in a clean and chilled space were all big requirements for us, and if that sounds like your thing too, give us a shout!

Our Services


Whatever kind of music you’re making, we’ll make sure to capture your songs at their best.


Making the absolute best out of your recording sessions, whether with us, or anywhere else.


Spacious rehearsal room equipped with premium gear for productive practice sessions.


We have a spacious live room big enough to accomodate most bands, separate control room, storage facilities, and a chill out lounge area complete with Playstation.

Client Love

See what our clients have to say about their experience at 84 Audio.


Take the first step toward creating something special with 84 Audio.

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