We know how much your music means to you, and we’ll do everything we can to bring those songs to life in the studio. Every project is different, so we don’t treat any two projects the same. Get in touch and we’ll talk about your project’s specifics and how we can help!


Putting the finishing touches on your songs, whether you recorded them with us here at 84 Audio, or anywhere else. We’ve mixed for a number of artists who have recorded their projects at home and just needed a little help getting them release-ready, as well as songs recorded in a full studio environment. Get in touch to have a chat about your project today.


Book our spacious rehearsal room for practice sessions, complete with a nice drum kit and reliable equipment.

Equipment Storage

Store your instruments and gear securely on-site, with convenient 24/7 access. Have everything here ready for rehearsal/recording sessions, conveniently skipping the constant car loading/unloading.


Take the first step toward creating something special with 84 Audio.

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